Capital Law – Backup and Disaster Recovery Case Study

Capital law is based in central Cardiff and has a multitude of business-critical systems which need to be running 24/7.

Capital Law utilise the services of Principality IT and their Data Centre to deliver systems which are highly available.

With a requirement to ensure that all their data and servers are backed up in a way which means that both the information and servers can be recovered quickly regardless of the disaster and they do not want to spend lots of time monitoring the solution or checking that backups have been successful.

Capital Law utilise a combination of technologies to create a solution which ensures there are always three copies of their data in two separate locations and held on two different types of media. This solution offers the convenience of both quick restores of accidentally deleted files from local copies of the data, coupled with the knowledge that should a more significant disaster than a deleted file take places, all their data is held securely offsite and can be restored in minutes not days.
Capital Law Director of IT Rupert Poole;
“The challenge of ensuring the continuity of our systems is our number one focus within the IT Department at Capital Law. The importance of being able to quickly restore a deleted file or email, whilst also knowing that we can recover an entire system in minutes rather than days,  is critically important. My team and I are acutely aware of the plethora of risks to our systems such as fire or the dreaded Ransomware. The solution which we have implemented with Principality IT alleviates those fears and allows us to focus on other tasks whilst automated emails keep us updated with regards to the status of the backup system.”
If you would like to know more about how we help Capital Law to protect their data and systems in the event of a disaster, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.